What is RGB Sports 1000?

The RGB formula first appeared as one of the 750 Motor Club’s race formulae back in 2001, targeted at the then burgeoning class of kit cars being fitted with superbike engines. Since then it’s developed into a proper race formula with a few key characteristics. In particular:

  1. RGB is a formula for small, light, simple, sports/racer style cars. They provide a unique combination of performance, value, 13000 rpm screaming noise and excitement.
  2. All RGB cars have small capacity, stock bike engines positioned in either the front or the rear of the car. No engine tuning is permitted other than fitting airboxes and exhaust systems that fit a car properly. Engines are readily available, for example on eBay.
  3. RGB racers are genuine two seater cars; you can take your mate out on a trackday, fit an instructor in the passenger seat and sell the car into the trackday market.
  4. RGB cars are genuinely quick, and make a superb sound out on the track. Around the twisty Brands Hatch Indy circuit, for example, the RGB lap record is currently faster than the BTCC touring car record.
  5. RGB is predominantly a mechanical grip formula using road tyres and with strict controls on aerodynamic development. You don’t need access to a sophisticated wind tunnel or CFD capabilities to race competitively. A set of tyres might well last you a season and, being road tyres, they won’t break the bank to buy that set.
  6. RGB is a development formula, so there’s room for you to innovate and make a car to your own design in your own garage.
  7. RGB has a stable set of regulations; your car won’t be outmoded as soon as you’ve built or bought it.